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The Royal Trek Trail: A Walk in the Footsteps of Prince Charles

The Royal Trek Trail is a short and easy trek in Nepal that takes you through the foothills of the Annapurna Mountains. The trail is named after Prince Charles, who trekked it in 1981 shortly before he married Princess Diana.

The trail begins in the lakeside city of Pokhara and ends at the beautiful Begnas Lake. Along the way, you will pass through several Gurung villages and enjoy stunning views of the Annapurna Range, including Machhapuchhre (Fishtail Peak).

The hike is a great option for first-time trekkers or those who are short on time. It is also a good way to experience the culture and history of Nepal.

The experience is a must-do for nature lovers and adventure seekers. You will be surrounded by lush green forests, towering mountains, and sparkling lakes. You will also have the opportunity to meet the friendly local people of the countryside and learn about their culture.

The trail is not too challenging, making it a great option for families and people of all fitness levels. Nevertheless, it's important to note that there are a few steep sections, requiring a certain level of physical fitness before embarking on the journey.

The best time to trek the Royal Trek Trail is during the spring (March-May) or autumn (September-November). During these times, the weather is mild and sunny, making for perfect trekking conditions.


How the Royal Trek Trail connects to Annapurna Royal Camp (ARC):

The Royal Trek Trail is close to Annapurna Royal Camp, which is a luxury glamping retreat located in the Annapurna foothills. If you are interested in trekking the Royal Trek Trail, you can stay at Annapurna Royal Camp (ARC) before or after your trek.

ARC offers a variety of activities, including yoga sessions, hiking, mountain biking, local food preparation classes, and boating at the lake. Our long-term plan includes a spa, and we already have a restaurant in operation with stunning views of the lake and mountains.

The Royal Trek Trail is a truly magical place that you will never forget. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Royal Trek today!

Gain Health Benefits by Glamping at Annapurna Royal Camp

Are you looking for a getaway that offers both luxury and wellness? Then look no further than Annapurna Royal Camp, the ultimate glamping destination nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. Surrounded by natural beauty and breathtaking views, our glamping tents offer more than just a comfortable stay; they provide a range of health benefits that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Here are some of the health benefits you can experience during your stay at Annapurna Royal Camp:

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

The natural surroundings and serene environment of our glamping site can help reduce stress and anxiety. The fresh air, calming sounds of nature, and peaceful atmosphere can all help to ease tension and promote relaxation. Additionally, our tents are designed to provide a tranquil and calming space for guests, with comfortable bedding and minimalist decor that allows you to fully unwind.

Improved Sleep

Sleep is crucial for overall health and well-being, and our glamping tents are designed to provide a comfortable and restful sleep environment. The tents are equipped with plush bedding and pillows to ensure a good night's sleep. Moreover, the sounds of nature can help promote deep sleep and improve the quality of your rest.

Increased Physical Activity

The beautiful natural surroundings of Annapurna Royal Camp provide ample opportunities for physical activity. You can explore the nearby trails and trekking routes, or participate in activities like yoga and meditation, which can improve your flexibility, balance, and overall physical health.

Improved Mood & Mental Health

Studies have shown that spending time in nature can help improve mood and mental health. Our glamping tents are located in a peaceful and serene environment, surrounded by natural beauty and stunning views. This can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and promote a sense of calm and well-being.

Fresh & Healthy Food

At Annapurna Royal Camp, we believe that good food is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. We offer a range of fresh, organic, and locally sourced meals that are both delicious and nutritious. Our menu includes a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as international cuisine, to cater to all dietary requirements.

In conclusion, a glamping experience at Annapurna Royal Camp is not just a luxurious escape, but also a chance to improve your overall health and well-being. The natural surroundings, physical activities, and healthy food options can all contribute to a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. Book your stay today and experience the health benefits of glamping in the lap of nature.

annapurna base camp

Annapurna Royal Camp (ARC) known for glamping

Annapurna Royal Camp (ARC) known for glamping is located on a private hilltop towards the west of Begnas Lake. It is located just 12kms. away from Pokhara. The camp offers exceptional experience of wilderness and civilization while staying in luxury tents facilitated with indoor bathroom, shower and balcony with the view of the Begnas lake below and the spectacular and magnificent Himalayas including the Annapurna range.

Things to do at Annapurna Royal Camp

Glamping is a form of camping that involves accommodation facilities more luxurious than traditional camping. Annapurna Royal Camp is a perfect glamping experience among the beauty of the Annapurna Region. It is the perfect place where incredible nature meets luxury. The Camp offers the remarkable beauty of Begnas Lake with breathtaking view of the Himalayan range. At the Camp, you can get the unique and unforgettable experience of wilderness while staying in the glamping tent facilities with an indoor shower, bathroom, and balcony with fantastic views of the lake and mountain. So, Annapurna Royal Camp is the perfect blend of Himalaya Holiday in comfort and style.  While at the Camp, there are many things you can do:

Annapurna Royal Camp

How to reach Annapurna Royal Camp

Annapurna Royal Camp is a perfect glamping destination in the naturally gifted Annapurna Region. Glamping means “glamorous camping” and Annapurna Royal Camp truly reflects the idea as it offers accommodation facilities that are more luxurious than traditional camping. At Annapurna Royal Camp, you can connect with nature without bringing your tents, sleeping bags and foods. You can enjoy the remarkable beauty of Begnas Lake with the breathtaking views of the Annapurnas and Machhapuchhre while staying in the luxury camps with indoor shower, bathroom, comfortable beds, lovely interior décor, and balcony with the lake view.

Explore Himalaya Team in Annapurna Royal Camp

Explore Himalaya Team in Annapurna Royal Camp

Many think that luxury is something unthinkable in the wilderness and when it comes to the Himalayas it’s next to impossible. However, Explore Himalaya team has recently experienced the luxury of comfortable amenities while remaining in the wilderness of Annapurna Region. Thanks to the Glamping facility of Annapurna Royal Camp!

Annapurna Royal Camp Welcomed its First Visitors

Annapurna Royal Camp Welcomed its First Visitors


Annapurna Royal Camp, Nepal’s unique Glamping destination, welcomed its first two groups of visitors from Kipling Travel on 13th October, and immediately after few days on 20th October 2018. The first group had 4 members with 2 children aged 13 and 10; and the second group, which was also a family group, had 5 members with 3 children aged 7 (twins) and 9.

Glamping, a perfect way to experience nature

Glamping, a perfect way to experience nature

Glamping is “Glamorous Camping” and it is a form of camping that involves accommodation facilities more luxurious than traditional camping. So, it’s an outdoor holiday but you don’t need to bring your tents, sleeping bags, foods instead you can get luxurious accommodation with all the essentials like comfortable bed, wardrobe, furniture, private bathroom facilities and beautiful interior. As it comes with luxurious facilities, Glamping is also called Luxury Camping. Glamping is a relatively new way to travel. It has become popular over the year. And its popularity is not baseless as it comes with many benefits.