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Glamping, a perfect way to experience nature

Glamping is “Glamorous Camping” and it is a form of camping that involves accommodation facilities more luxurious than traditional camping. So, it’s an outdoor holiday but you don’t need to bring your tents, sleeping bags, foods instead you can get luxurious accommodation with all the essentials like comfortable bed, wardrobe, furniture, private bathroom facilities and beautiful interior. As it comes with luxurious facilities, Glamping is also called Luxury Camping. Glamping is a relatively new way to travel. It has become popular over the year. And its popularity is not baseless as it comes with many benefits.

  1. There’s less packing: In Glamping you don’t need to pack many things like tent, fold out chairs, sleeping bag, stove and raw foods. Glamping site will provide almost everything that you need. So, it is a perfect way to explore nature without having to take care of everything yourself.
  1. Proper accommodation: In Glamping you don’t need to worry about sleeping on the pokey tent and lumpy floor. You will get proper beds and space. Since luxury is the key element of Glamping, most of the Glamping tents come with bedroom setup that’s similar to star rated hotels. Experiencing the mesmerizing beauty of nature with comfortable accommodation is the best thing about Glamping.
  1. Warmer than camping: Comfort is another important element of Glamping. Don’t worry about cold surrounding! Glamping tent has wooden/insulated floor. The tent wall and roof are also weather-proof to make it cozy and warm. Glamping tents are more stylish, warmer and stronger than traditional camps. So, you will be close to nature without having to give up your comfort.
  1. More time to explore: As you will be completely free from the stress of planning and arranging lodging and fooding, you will have more time to explore the location and focus on more important things. It gives you complete freedom to relax and absorb yourself in the surrounding. Glamping trip is an ideal gateway for any nature lover who wants to make the most of their stay in nature.
  1. Huge space: Glamping tents are set up in nature which means you will have huge space into the woods to run and play. Without any restrictions, you can enjoy the refreshing atmosphere with your friends and family. In Glamping trip you will have less rules and regulations unlike hotels, so you can enjoy your weekend freely and perfectly.

Annapurna Royal Camp is a perfect Glamping destination with a wonderful combination of nature and luxury. In its terraced luxury tents overlooking Begnas Lake, you can find every facility that is essential for eating, sleeping and enjoying. The Camp offers you a unique way of experiencing the amazing side of nature and culture. You can explore the local culture and witness the beauty of Begnas Lake and its surrounding with impressive mountain views. Hiking, campfire, and sightseeing are some of the other activities that you can do while at Annapurna Royal Camp. If you think nature and luxury is what you are looking for, then visit us to experience nature in the best possible way.