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Things to do at Annapurna Royal Camp

Things to do at Annapurna Royal Camp

Glamping is a form of camping that involves accommodation facilities more luxurious than traditional camping. Annapurna Royal Camp is a perfect glamping experience among the beauty of the Annapurna Region. It is the perfect place where incredible nature meets luxury. The Camp offers the remarkable beauty of Begnas Lake with breathtaking view of the Himalayan range. At the Camp, you can get the unique and unforgettable experience of wilderness while staying in the glamping tent facilities with an indoor shower, bathroom, and balcony with fantastic views of the lake and mountain. So, Annapurna Royal Camp is the perfect blend of Himalaya Holiday in comfort and style.  While at the Camp, there are many things you can do:

  • Accommodation

At Annapurna Royal Camp, you can find luxury safari tents. Tents are often large and you can find everything needed for camping. While at the Camp, you don’t need to worry about sleeping in the pokey tent and lumpy floor. You will get proper beds and space. The tents are cozy and warm. You will get proper accommodation with beds, wardrobe, sofa, and attached bathroom in every tent. Every tent comes with a bedroom setup that’s similar to the hotels.


  • Hiking

Hiking in the surrounding villages and viewpoint is one of the best things to do in Annapurna Royal Camp. Hiking to the nearby villages will cheer the whole glamping experience. You can also hike to the neighboring viewpoints from where you can get the most exclusive views of the mountain ranges.


  • Village tour

A village tour will give you the best local experience. You will witness the local culture & lifestyle of the local people. You can see the traditional way of making local paintings. You will get a chance to involve with the local people on the village tour.


  • Boating

Boating in the Begnas Taal will give a refreshing experience on the trip. While boating in Begnas Lake, you will enjoy the mountain views, fishing and boating. Boating in Begans Lake you will feel relaxed and at peace while enjoying the surrounding flora and fauna.


  • Fishing (you need to take a license)

Fishing in Begans Lake will offer you a very relaxing local fishing experience. The views of the Himalayas and the sunny day will cheer you up. In Begnas Lake, a professional fishing license is necessary from the concerned office.  While fishing you will have two options either hire a boat and do fishing or sit in one of the corners/spots of the lake nearby the hillside.


  • Campfire

Campfire in the Annapurna Royal Camp will give you a lifetime experience. Having an open fire is an enjoyable part of the trip. The cold breeze, warmth of the burning woods, the smoky smell of cracking wood, and the story sharing opportunity is definitely the best thing about staying at Annapurna Royal Camp.